Sustainability is gaining momentum and offers solutions

(Photo by Naja Bertolt Jensen on Unsplash) Fuel extraction, chemical plants, large mines and smelters, pipelines, and power stations come at an environmental price. However, these are exactly the industries that sit at the foundation of our economies. So how can we match both and go for a sustainability in the economic strongholders for our society?

The answer is transformation of these industries, and the will and knowledge is there to make this happen, certainly now that sustainability is gaining momentum.

How do these transformations look like? There are various examples from the econmic key players.

  • Refineries switch to low-emissions fuel production
  • Smelters switch to cleaner gas
  • Closing illegal and unregulated mines and use eco-friendly equipment when mining using lower impact techniques
  • Chemical plants are reducing waste in all areas of the plant, cutting pollution, emissions, and hazardous leaks thus minimizing impact on the environment

The real challenge is knowing how to balance environmental, social, and economic outcomes in such a way that it brings sustainability principles to life. And all this by remaining alert to the potential for ‘collateral damage’ from any action taken. Because of the complex nature of these interactions working collaboratively and learning from each other is a key to success.