Ecology is the theme of the 5th Children’s Forum in France

(Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash) For the 5th edition of the Children’s Forum, which takes place in France on Friday 3 June 2022, 1,500 children from 66 primary school classes from the European Collectivity of Alsace will come together in a plenary session in the Council of Europe hemicycle to defend some twenty selected projects on the theme of ecology.

This was announced via the World Forum for Democracy. The World Forum for Democracy is platform for political decision-makers and activists to debate solutions to key challenges for democracies worldwide. And they do this “by identifying and analyzing experimental initiatives and practices” and by “highlighting and encouraging democracy innovations at the grassroots and their transfer on a systemic level in order to strengthen the foundations of democratic societies.”

This edition was prepared during the school year, and children have prepared videos, speeches, sketches, songs, etc. with their teachers, in partnership with the association THEMIS: Association of access to law for children and young people.

Created in 1990, Themis is an association providing access to law for children and young people. It describes itself as “a place for speaking out and providing legal information open to each and every one of them”. Its multidisciplinary teams work on various themes such as criminal law, family law, foreigners’ law, work, discrimination, but also in all the areas that make up the daily lives of children and young people today.

The Children’s Forum will be chaired by Mrs Josiane Bigot, President of THEMIS.